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What kind of projects and which fields of interest are supported?

  • Projects in Nursing research and Nursing science.
  • Projects in utilization of nursing research as well as scientifically accompanied projects in nursing practice development or in post tertiary nursing education.
  • Projects in scientific education in nursing.
  • Events or publications that help above mentioned purposes.
  • The promoting of assistant professors (Foerderprofessuren) at universities or at professional colleges (Fachhochschulen).
  • Promoting of scholars in nursing science.
  • Honoring persons and institutions whose contributions for nursing science and development were outstanding.

Projects in Nursing Science and Nursing Development will be approved by the scientific council of the Foundation.


Granting Policy

  • A nursing or an interdisciplinary project (see I to III above) is led by a nursing professional who lives in Switzerland (Master degree Nursing Science necessary).
  • The project (see I to III above) is expected to yield results which are contributing towards improving nursing in Switzerland. Another aim of a project could be to further develop nursing science in Switzerland.
  • The project (see I to III above ) is expected to agree with scientific standards.
  • The project (see I to III above ) has to fulfil ethical standards in science Scientific projects have to agree with the decisions by the ethical commission).
  • The project (see I to III above) has to relate to relevant questions in the field of practical nursing or nursing education.
  • The author of a publication (as specified in IV above) has to be educated in nursing science.
  • Events as specified in point IV above have at least to be ideologically supported by nursing organisations or the nursing community or are the result of a project as specified in points I to III above.
  • Applicants for a Foerderprofessur (assistant professors) as specified in V above have graduated with Ph.D. in Nursing Science and have to live in Switzerland.
  • Applicants as specified in point VI have to be Swiss citizens. The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland may - as an exception - support applicants with a different nationality if they are employed in Switzerland and/or if they live in Switzerland.
  • Honoured Persons as in point VII are Swiss citizens or live in Switzerland, institutions as specified in point VII have to be registered in Switzerland.
  • Formal criteria for all applications points I to VII have to be met.
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