Grant Guidelines

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1. Purpose

The Foundation of Nursing Science Switzerland based on its charter from July 27, 2005 may align funds for the promotion of nursing science and further research and for the further development of nursing in general in Switzerland. The foundation of Nursing Science acts despite the payment of funds not as the employer of the beneficiaries. There is no legal claim on a grant by the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland.


2. Excerpt of the charter of the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland

  • The purpose of the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland is to support projects of nursing science and nursing development as well as institutions that actively advance the development, conduct and utilization of nursing science / education in nursing science / nursing development in Switzerland or especially in the area of Basel.
  • Another purpose of the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland is to support events or publications which are contributing towards the above mentioned goals. It can also publish its own papers according to its mandate. Finally the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland may honor professionals who paid outstanding service towards nursing science or nursing development.


3. Eligibility

Proposals will be met in the following areas:
3.1. Support and funding of projects
3.2. Support and funding of scientific events
3.3. Promoting and funding of scientific publications
3.4. Promoting talent

What kind of projects and which fields of interest are supported?

3.1. Support and funding of projects
Grants will be spoken based on the appraisal by the scientific council of the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland for the following kind of projects:

  • projects in nursing science and research.
  • projects in the application of research results/the scientifically accompanied practical development in nursing /post tertiary nursing education.
  • projects promoting scientific education in nursing, with the intention to further support the academic middle layer.

3.2. Promotion of scientific events
Grants will be spoken based on the appraisal by the scientific council for the following kind of events:

  • Scientific events in Switzerland that are promoting nursing research and the further development of nursing science.

3.3. Support and funding of scientific publications
The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland may consult with the scientific council of the foundation for an appraisal of the proposed publication.
The goal of the funding of publications is to support scientific publications that further research in nursing and develop nursing science.

3.4. Promoting talent
The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland intends to support people of Swiss nationality that want to work in the field of nursing science. As an exception the foundation may consider people of a different nationality if they work and/or live in Switzerland. The foundation may in this matter consult with the scientific council.

The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland may support the following talents:

  • start-up and bridging assistance for nursing researchers/scientists (graduates/doctoral and postdoctoral fellows) at Swiss universities, equivalent research institutions or hospitals in Switzerland.
  • Fellowships to graduates and postdoctoral fellows on the condition that the study takes place in Swiss research facility or a Swiss hospital or it would be a study led by Swiss nursing scientist at a foreign university.
  • Nursing scientists working in Switzerland who intend through a study (for a maximum of four weeks) at a foreign institute to learn about new scientific methods, which currently are not available in Switzerland.
  • Nursing scientists preparing a proposal for doctoral/graduate or postdoctoral studies.


4. Research Topics which are supported in particular

Nursing is a considerale societal force which should receive legal acknowledgement and should be further developed. Nursing research provides scientifically provenresults which can be implemened in health care an nursing care. It is one of the main foundations for a rationally significant nursing practice and quality.

The Nursing Science Foundation would like to increasingly support projects in particular to the following research topics.

  • Research should focus on interventional and/or umplementing and/or translational studies (a great impact in clinical nursing care).
  • Research should occur in a prevailing relevant context (from acute care to community based care).
  • Research should occur in sensitive / complex interaces of care settings.
  • Research should occur in up to now clearly underserved spheres of care activity and care focus (e.g.patients with depression, cognitive impairment to dementia, skin changes).
  • Research should focus on the contributation of nursing science within the interprofessional kylitag of health care.

In addition to the above mentioned topics in the proposal of the project the authors should

  • explain explicitly and in detail the additional benefit for patients, family members and society
  • clarify explicitly interprofessional / interdisciplinary approach and 
  • involve if possible the target population already from the preparation phase of the project



It is fundamental to pay attention to the following points during the writing of the research project:


  • A research project or application must have a clear reserach question. The introduction therefore should not be general overview of the top cut should explictly lead to the gap of knowedge or gap of research within the area of interest.
  • Corresponding gaps in knowedge can be found because the topic has not received sufficient attention yet (e.g.a unique idea, an innovation) or because published studies posses methodological shortcomings (e.g.population too small, wrong or inappropriate methodology)
  • Based on this, the aims of the study and hypotheses need to be clearly phrased which means it should be clear in regard to the content of the proposl, as well as to which knowedge or research gap(s) will be filled with the successful finalization of the study.
  • it is also essential to think in advance about which barriers and challenges the researcher might face or what could endanger the study and which solutions are suggested to overcome the barrieres.
  • Upon submission of the research project it is important to not string together the individual parts descriptvely but to present the parts of the study with a clear rigor. This is particulary important for the elaborated knowedge gaps, the aim of the study, the planned methodological approach and on which hypotheses the study is based, which could eventually provide valuable results.
  • According to the guidelines the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland recommend surgently to have the research proposal critically reviewed on time by an international peer group to enhance the chance of a positiv appraisal


5.1. Projects

  • Eligible are projects that qualify with an innovative approach and are of high scientific value, consisting of:

    • originality of the research-subject.
    • appropriate choice of the research methods deployed.
    • scientific accomplishments of the applicant/s.
    • scientific or practical authority of the applicants in relation to the proposed project.
    • chances for realisation/practical impact/practical feasibility of the project.

  • Eligible are projects that deal with relevant questions in practical nursing or the education of nurses in Switzerland.
  • Eligible projects are expected to return results which lead to an improvement in nursing in Switzerland or that they lead to a further advancement of nursing science in Switzerland.
  • Eligible projects have to fulfil ethical criteria (in research: a declaration by the commission of ethics has to be provided).
  • Eligible projects are led by a person who lives in Switzerland and is a professional in nursing science.
  • Applicants must be able to lead a scientific project and have the organizational skills to lead the people who work on the project. Applicants have to show that they conduct part of the research themselves. They also have to prove that they have access to the necessary research-infrastructure.

5.2. Events
Main criteria

  • for the funding of events is the scientific level of the event and the attention the event generates among the nursing research community and the nursing science community in Switzerland.

Other criteria

  • include that at least the idea of the proposed scientific events will be supported by nursing institutions in Switzerland; or that they present the project-results.
  • Support and funding by other institutions must be made transparent.
  • The event considers and implicates talent.
  • The applicant is responsible for the event and the organization. The applicant guarantees a high scientific standard and a smooth running of the event.

5.3. Publications

  • Authors of a supported publications are nursing science professionals.
  • Only an author of the scientific study or work may apply. If there are several authors, publishers are also qualified to apply.

5.4. Talent

  • The research of applicants has to match the criteria as specified in chapter 4.1. (projects).
  • The support of the applicant meets the expectation of an outstanding contribution to nursing science in Switzerland.

Granting Policy



6.1. Applicants are held responsible that their dossier provides all the relevant information for the decision-making-process of the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland. The foundation is under no obligation to discuss applications during the decision-making-process.

6.2. During the appraisal of a proposal the foundation may check further factual background and may require further information by the applicants. Applicants are obliged to provide the information.

6.3. If additional criteria should apply for a proposal the applicant will be informed in due course.

6.4. Applicants are encouraged to hand in names with addresses of references along with their proposal.


7. Eligible costs

7.1. Projects:
Funding is possible for the salaries of existing scientific staff as well as for operational costs in direct connection with the research project.
Grants are generally not intended to cover the salary of the applicant. The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland may allow the following exceptions:

  • If applicants cannot generate sufficient funding for their project.
  • or if through the intermittent funding of the proposed project the position of the applicant in a research institution can be secured on a long term basis.

7.2.  Events
The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland may support events through a certain specified amount or through a deficit warranty. If not declared otherwise, grants are to support fees of lecturers, cover travel costs and hotel expenses.

7.3. Publications
Funding is intended for layout and printing costs, if not specified otherwise.

7.4. Talent
Please see chapter 3.4.

Explicitly not eligible for funding are:

  • Events with a commercial purpose.
  • Costs for meals.


8. Proceedings of Applications

8.1. Acceptance of requests
Proposals for projects and publications can be accepted at any time. Publications are to be presented to the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland before they go into print. Printing is not allowed until the foundation has definitely approved the proposal.

Event-proposals have to be handed in at least four weeks before the council of the foundation.

Council of the foundation: Next meetings

8.2. Administrative requirements

Proposals have to meet the requirements of the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland and have to include all necessary documents and reports as specified by the proposal guidelines. The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland can only support proposals that are using the forms provided by the foundation.
The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland may further specify its guidelines or alter its terms for proposals in special areas of support.

Proposals that do not meet formal requirements will be rejected. Exceptions may be made if the proposal can be amended in due course.

8.3. Proceedings of requests

The time required to handle the request is 6-8 months.

During ongoing proceedings there will be no correspondence and no information concerning the matter of the request whatsoever.

The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland is a private foundation. Its Council does neither discuss nor argue its decisions. 

Grants are payable only after presentation (if required) of the positive confirmation by the ethical committee(s).



9. Rights and obligations of fundees

9.1. Legal implications of funding:
Applicants become beneficiaries if the foundation of nursing science accepts their proposal in part or in its entirety.

9.2. Conduct of research:
Applicants become beneficiaries if the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland accepts their proposal in part or in its entirety.

9.3. Reporting
Beneficiaries are held accountable towards the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland to report in writing any circumstance which is either changing or influencing the framework of the spoken grant. Namely changing of personnel, adaptions necessary to the research plan or changes in research facilities (facilities, equipment) have to be made known to the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland.

9.4. Publication of funded research

  • The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland maintains the right to publish data (personnel, project specifics) about funded projects in public databases.

Beneficiaries may be asked to hand in summaries of the project or of current results.

9.5. Reporting and review

  • Beneficiaries have to report in writing to the nursing science foundation as to the specifics agreed upon in advance. They have to report in depth about the using of funds and the research results reached as well as their deployment.
  • If after the acceptance general assumptions change or the conditions under which a support was granted undergoes major changes or the proposal becomes obsolete the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland reserves the right to withdraw the grant or to adapt it to the new circumstances. The foundation will hear the beneficiaries concerns in advance and will provide the adaption or the withdrawal in written form (decree).


  • Beneficiaries have to make sure that scientific or technical staff working full-time or part time and are compensated out of the funds of the foundation are to be covered by social insurances pertaining to labour law.
  • Beneficiaries allow their scientific staff the right to a say according to the scientific contribution they make. Also they should enjoy rights as co-authors if they are responsible for a substantial contribution towards the project.

9.7. Offences against grant guidelines
If beneficiaries are misusing their grants by not complying to the guidelines provided by the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland, or if they despite a written reminder continue to offend the guidelines, the nursing Science Foundation reserves the right to withdraw the spoken grant altogether or beneficiaries may be asked for a refund of the support already given as well as for further expenditure of the foundation. In similar cases of abusing the agreed upon guidelines the payment of spoken grants might be stopped.

9.8. Intellectual property of the research results
Research results of the research funded by the Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland remain within the intellectual property of the beneficiaries or respectively of their employers. Beneficiaries have to clear the legal implications of their intellectual property rights with their respective employers at the latest until their research projects are finished.

9.9.Publication of research

  • Beneficiaries have to make their research results accessible for the public and thereby mention the support of the nursing science foundation.
  • Beneficiaries are to hand in copies of their publications concerning research the foundation supported.
  • The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland reserves itself the right to create further guidelines concerning the form and content of publications of research results it supported.
  • The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland may commit beneficiaries to make data gathered during the funded project available for secondary research. For this purpose beneficiaries may be asked to integrate their results in renown scientific databases.

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