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The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland was established in 2005 in Basel, Switzerland. The foundation supports the systematic advancement of academic nursing knowledge and its translation to nursing practice. To serve this purpose, the Foundation provides financial support for nursing research projects, scientific publications and events. The Foundation faciliates the professional development of young academics and recognizes outstanding academic work, individuals and institutions.

Nursing and Nursing Science

Nursing and nursing science not only contributes substantially to the general health of the population but is also an indispensable component of the health care system. Professional nursing aims at achieving the best possible outcomes of treatment and care throughout the lifespan of the individual. Professional nurses are a part of the interdisciplinary medical team, working with physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals. Nursing is a significant driving force within medical research and treatment which merits the further development of ist role and responsibilities.

Nursing science focuses  on research questions related to health care and nursing care in theory and practice.

Nursing research provides a scientific base and knowledge which is then translated into nursing practice and applied throughout the health care system. Nursing research provides the foundation to achieve an evidence-based nursing practice and the highest quality of nursing care.

Our Mission

The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland promotes the systematic development of nursing knowledge and its utilization in practice.

The Foundation fosters the integration of empirical knowledge, ethics and clinical practice.

The Foundation awards distinguished individuals or institutions who have made outstanding contributions to nursing science and nursing development.

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